Welcome to Soulscented

Soulscented is an online spiritual emporium.

Soulscented, is a spiritual sanctuary whereby you are tranScented into a high vibration to create a sacred space for spiritual healing of the mind, body, and spirit to return to your higher self -Soul. 

Soulscented was founded by Rachael White a Spiritual Coach, Angel Intuitive Therapist, Perfumer and Author. 

It is home to the Archangel Aromatherapy Prescriptions a range of angelic perfumes channelled by Rachael with Archangels to support clients to heal, manifest and transform their lives with the loving guidance of the Archangels. 

You can purchase the Archangel Aromatherapy Range, Archangel Healing Rituals, and essential oils at the Soulscented online spiritual Perfumery and Apothecary.Archangel Aromatherapy

You can also book online at Soulscented for spiritual healing and guidance consultations with Rachael White. Lastly, deep dive into your spiritual learning about Archangels and much more at the Soulscented, Spiritual Healing College home of the Angel Intuitive Therapy course created by Rachael and the Archangels, and a growing range of spiritual courses and workshops offered for online learning.

“My love is to be of service to you.

All rituals, aromatics, therapies, teachings, and aromatherapy perfumes are divinely inspired, and channelled with the Archangels, drawing on the ancient wisdom of alchemists and spiritual healing techniques. My intention is to create an aromatic bridge to higher consciousness for a powerful high vibrational healing and to shift you into a higher state of consciousness for healing and manifesting a spiritually guided life.”

It's time to nurture yourself and look after your spiritual wellbeing as you aromatically and energetically journey deep within your soul.

It’s time to be SOULSCENTED. 

Rachael xxx